Nicole Shaw Podiatry

Nicole Shaw Podiatry provides all aspects of foot care to all feet big and small.

  • Nail care- routine care of ingrown, infected or thick nails
  • Skin conditions such as corns, callus and warts
  • Assessment and treatment of foot, heel, ankle or knee pain
  • Orthotic prescribing- for flat and high arched feet
  • Permanent ingrown toenail removal procedure
  • Diabetes assessment and advice
  • Footwear assessment and advice
  • Paediatric Developmental assessment and interventions including toe walking, in-toeing and flat feet

Nicole Shaw Podiatry can also provide educational presentations to doctors, health professionals and the community.
We tailor the presentations to the needs of our audience on topics such as:

  • general podiatry
  • diabetes
  • specific podiatric conditions
  • footwear
Nicole Shaw Podiatry can also provide on-site work place Foot and Footwear Assessment in order to assist in identifying and improving foot comfort in the workplace.

Karen Bulman
Nicole Shaw

at Better Health Mildura

Our Clientele

  • Our services are eligible for Private Health insurance rebates under extras or ancillary cover, please check the specific amounts with your provider
  • We accept clients who have a referral form for Chronic Disease Allied Health Services under Medicare (e.g. Chronic Disease Management Plan/Team Care Arrangement)
  • We accept all clients of any age including Work Cover and DVA on referral from GPs

Our Staff

Nicole Shaw has been working as a podiatrist since 1999. She has experience in both the public and private sector in the Sunraysia area and has also worked abroad in England and Scotland. Nicole enjoys the multidisciplinary approach offered by Better Health Mildura as it assists in ensuring coordinated care and great outcomes for clients with chronic or complex needs.

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